About us

The history of our doctoral school dates back to 2001 and it has been operating under the name of “Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine” (DSMM) since 2007. Training of graduate students takes place in three doctoral programs: I. Cell signaling, II. Membrane biophysics, and III. Physiology and neurobiology.

Our aim is to provide a vibrant and productive research environment designed to offer our graduate students a successful research environment leading to a Ph.D. degree. Laboratory-based research forms the core of our program and its combination with lecture and practical courses, seminars, national and international conferences and access to modern technological platforms makes our Doctoral School one of the best in the country.

Students in the DSMM graduate program are provided numerous opportunities to gain exposure to clinical and translational aspects of disease. So far 150 (49 since 2008) students have graduated from our School and many of our alumni have become successful independent investigators in Hungary or abroad or pursue scientific research in the industry.